Board of Directors

Board composition

The Board of Directors for BIMobject shall according to the articles of association comprise of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight members elected by the general meeting. At the Annual General Meeting on 4 June 2020 it was resolved that the number of members of the Board of Directors were to be five. 

For the period up to the end of the next Annual General Meeting, which is expected to be held in the spring of 2021, the Board consists of Stefan Larsson (chairman), Phillippe Butty, Stefan Larsson, Sara Börsvik, and Peter Bang. Sara Börsvik and Peter Bang were elected as new members.

Work of the Board of Directors

The primary tasks of the Board is to serve the interests of the company and the shareholders, appoint the CEO and ensure that the Company complies with the applicable laws and the Articles of Association.

After the general meeting, the Board is the company's highest decision-making body. According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Board is responsible for the company's organization and management of the company's affairs, which means that the Board is responsible, among other things, for setting goals and strategies, ensuring procedures and systems for monitoring of set targets, continuously evaluating BIMobject's results and financial position and evaluating the operational management. Furthermore, the Board is responsible for ensuring that proper information is given to BIMobject’s shareholders.

The chairman of the Board is to be elected by the Annual General Meeting.The role of the chairman is to lead the Board of Directors’ work and to ensure that the work is carried out efficiently, and that the Board of Directors fulfils its obligations.

The Board of Directors follows a written rules of procedure which are revised annually and adopted at the Inaugural board meeting. The rules of procedure regulate, among other things, the practice of the board of directors, tasks, decision-making within BIMobject and the Board of Directors’ meeting agenda.

Instruction for financial reporting and instructions for the CEO are also adopted in connection with the Inaugural board meeting. The Board of Directors’ work is carried out based on an annual briefing plan which fulfils the Board of Directors’ need for information.

The board of directors meets according to a pre-determined annual schedule and in addition to the Inaugural board meeting, at least six ordinary board meetings shall be held between each Annual General Meeting. In addition to these meetings, extra meetings can be arranged for processing matters which cannot be referred to any of the ordinary meetings.

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