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BIMobject launched the BIMobject Cloud in 2012. The cloud-based portal for distribution of BIM objects is the very core of BIMobject’s value proposition. The portal is globally accessible and as of December 31, 2019 the portal had more than 1,785,000 registered users, primarily architects and structural engineers. The users have access to 459,000 objects from over 1,650 manufacturers.

BIMobject is investing heavily in marketing and sales to increase the number of manufacturers and downloadable objects on the portal, at the same time that intensive efforts are underway in product and community development to ensure a competitive platform. Newly acquired Polantis contributes an additional 420,000 users and 150 manufacturers.

How to create growth:

  • Attract new users.

  • Increase the number of manufacturers and products on the platform.

  • Acquire companies that can complement the business and/or establish BIMobject on new markets.

  • Develop a platform for publishing and offering BIM-related thirdparty apps.

  • Promote the development of ancillary services that leverage the value of the current platform for existing users.

  • Promote the development of company-specific BIM object platforms where individual companies globally or locally can guide their own organization’s purchasing based on their dedicated requirements.

  • Identify and establish partnerships with various companies around the world that in one way or another can complement and grow the business.

  • Offer accredited developers the opportunity to freely use the BIMobject solution to easily and efficiently create new BIM objects using BIMscript for publication on the BIMobject Cloud.

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